10 Fenchurch Avenue, London



No. of Modules/Units: 420,000 sq ft, 15-storey office building
Year: 2017 - Start date: Aug. 2017 / Completion date: On-going
Status: In progress

Mechanical Services:

  • Dayworks - Site temporaries and rainwater installation

  • Client:


    Description of property/project:

    Eric Parry Architects’ new office development for Italy’s largest insurance company Generali at 10 Fenchurch Avenue is a 420,000 sq ft, 15-storey office building that will provide commercial office space, retail use at the lower levels, a public passageway at street level and a publicly accessible roof garden, which was designed with German landscape architects Latz + Partner.

    10 Fenchurch Avenue comprises retail and office space to be contained within a volume of minimal yet sharp geometries with a crystalline appearance that constantly changes as it is activated by daylight and the weather conditions. It will be an iconic building with a dynamic urban presence that will be viewed down the City’s many lanes and streets; a building of a hundred views.

    The building will also incorporate a rooftop garden; a unique, open-air area for the public and tenants alike that offers panoramic views of London from within the Square Mile, and across the City to the Tower of London and beyond. With a lively restaurant located directly below its unique, landscaped environment, 10 Fenchurch Avenue’s roof garden will be an urban oasis to be appreciated both from within as well as from the taller surrounding building.


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