At Link365, the safety of people is one of the highest priorities. All of our staff takes an active part in achieving a high standard of Health & Safety awareness and taking preventative measures to ensure a safe working environment for all personnel on our sites.

We operate to strict health and safety rules and always ensure that all work is carried out according to set industry standards and required regulations.

Health & Safety policy

We constantly monitor and communicate our health & safety policy to our employees on our construction sites and at our (site)office locations. Our policy will be regularly reviewed and revised to take account of any new hazards, technologies or improved methods of control, as well as changes in legislation or the organisational structure.

This ensure that our health & safety policy remains relevant and appropriate to the nature, scale and purpose of our business. All revisions will be brought to the attention of all persons affected by any of the changes.

Health & Safety comes first

It is the policy of Link365 to consider the health & safety of all who could be affected by our companies operations. We prioritise health & safety for our staff and the staff of our clients, both during and after our installations is complete. Link365 will take responsibility for the coordination and implementation of Health & Safety Management for all employees and sub-contractors.

Our policy states:

Link365 acknowledges and accepts its legal responsibilities for securing the health, safety and welfare of all its employees, of specialist sub-contractors working on its behalf and all others affected by their activities.


Link365 recognises and accepts the general duties imposed upon the company as an employer under the Health and Safety at Work Act and subsequent health and safety regulations appertaining to its operation.


  1. Link365 will do all that is reasonably practicable to provide and maintain:
  • Safe places of work
  • Safe methods and systems of work
  • Safe plant and equipment
  • Personal protective equipment relevant to working tasks
  • A safe and healthy working environment


  1. Link365 will carry out a regular review of this policy to ensure that these standards of health and safety are continually maintained.

Total peace of mind

By choosing Link365 for your project you can rest assured your project, your premises and your staff will be in safe hands. We carry out safety inspections, and adapt our working processes to meet changes in circumstance to ensure the best protection for everyone on site.

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